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Washroom Hygiene

Sense Management

How does HAGLEITNER Sense Management work?

Our intelligent dispensers are equipped with an integrated radio frequency system which counts every soap, disinfection and towel release. Important information like dispenser fill level, battery status and the number of disposals is sent to a web based central site and available to the facility managers. At the same time, the so called Counter (a sensor) counts the number of entrances into the washroom and sends the information to the web.

With the collected data you are able to analyze the user behaviour in your washroom. You know exactly which dispenser in which room needs to be filled or maintained.

The status of every dispenser can be checked with any web-enabled device like computer, tablet or Smartphone – anywhere and at all times.

Xibu Inox

Intelligence in Stainless Steel

SMART dispensers made of high grade Stainless Steel. Elegantly designed by a renowned designer in the world. Equipped with the Xibu Technology so it also comes with a 2 roll system and a reserve tank so it’s “never empty”. With Aura Lighting that creates special mood and ambience in the washroom. Protection against vandalism with anti-finger print coating.

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The New Washroom Generation

SMART dispensers made of high quality ABS Plastic. The only dispenser system with 2 roll system and reserve tank so it’s “never empty”. Available in different designs to match your washroom theme.

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Xibu Disinfect

Dispenser for skin protection and hand hygiene

The world’s first hand sanitizer with “skin care” benefits and the first product meeting the new Biocide regulations of EU. Effective against fungi, bacteria including Tuberculosis, ltd virucidal rota virus, noro virus, BVDV, H1/N1, Vaccinia Virus VACV.

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For 20 years, the company have been developing and producing non-contact sanitary technology in Austria for public places, as well as for the upscale hospitality and private areas. The fittings have been designed to use water resources carefully, sparingly, and to make the most of water’s many qualities.

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Fresh Products

Started in the year 1971, Fresh had been known as the odor control manufacturer of choice throughout the Midwest. Fresh has continued to lead the odor control industry thru innovative technology that has resulted in numerous US Patents, and technological licensing agreements.

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