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Kitchen Hygiene


Started in the year 1971 with over 45 years of experience in providing the latest trends in sustainable hygiene solution. An Austrian based company focusing on Innovation and Service. 0:00 / 2:16

Benefits at a glance

  • Free Programmable, Microprocessor controlled, and Password protected program.
  • With display to check operating hours/impulses on site.
  • One system for detergent, Rinse Aid and Other components.
  • Low space requirement, no canisters placed on the floor.
  • Unique performance at a medium product consumption.
  • Highest degree of efficiency through a micro-process controlled dosing.
  • Protection against product mix-up.
  • Online monitoring of dishwashing process.
  • Integrated, automatic filling level control shows when cartridge needs to be replaced.
  • Operating Data Capture – HACCP approved report.

Find out more about the technical advantages of the integral COMPACT system, contact us. For Kitchen Chemicals please contact us.