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Cleaning Tools



Cleaning tools and materials from credible and well-known brands, specially selected by our management. Personally tested and trusted by our partners. Our personnel used the tools in actual cleaning procedures to prove it’s reliable and quality before it is recommended to our clients.

  • Window Cleaning System
  • Facade Cleaning System
  • Mops, Cloths, and Sponges
  • Trolleys and Buckets

Find out more about the different cleaning and materials available, please contact us.


Banana Cone

The Banana Cone© has a warning message that’s inherent in the shape of the cone helping to prevent slip and falls. It draws more attention and immediately notifies people of all ages of potential slippery conditions. Receiving multiple awards, the Banana Cone© draws attention at first glance. Available in two sizes through distribution; 24” and 36” tall.